Fight the radical campus left and stand up for conservative students

Conservative students face constant abuse from their peers.  Their grades get docked by leftist professors.  Their rights get violated by spineless school administrators.

It shouldn’t be this way.  This is still America, isn’t it?  Didn’t we elect Donald Trump?

Liberals must answer not only for the pie-throwing and the riots.  They must also answer for the culture of bullying and intimidation they’ve created on college campuses.

The time has come to expose leftist thugs and their attacks on freedom

Through powerful journalism, advocacy, and grassroots training efforts all across America, the Leadership Institute’s Campus Reform exposes leftist bias, abuse, and indoctrination on college campuses for all America to see — and equips conservative students to fight back! 

“The timing couldn’t be better for the Leadership Institute’s efforts to organize campus conservatives – when America faces the greatest threats ever to our Constitutional principles.”Vice President Mike Pence

Campus Reform is a project of a brave conservative organization called the Leadership Institute. Its investigative journalists, campus correspondents, and student tipsters — backed by LI’s network of more than 2,117 active campus conservative organizations — expose the liberal abuse and take the message to major networks like Fox News.

These reports have forced universities to rescind abusive leftist programs in the classroom and on the campus quad, and even led universities to fire abusive professors.

But the fight to protect free speech and free thought on college campuses is difficult — and it’s only going to intensify in the coming months.

The Russia investigation shows the radical left will stop at nothing. And with the left gaining political strength during the midterm elections, the suppression of conservative free speech on campuses is only going to increase.

To continue the fight for free speech and stand up for conservative students, please support the Leadership Institute with your generous financial gift of $25, $35, $50, $100, or more today. 

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